Data protection

1. Registration of external applicants:

  • You have to register with your e-mail address in order to get access to the Application Management System. A password that you need for login will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • You have to change your password on first login. Your new password shall have at least 6 characters using letters and digits in arbitrary sequence.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you may request renewed sending of your password to your e-mail address. For this purpose, define a personal test question under the item "My Account" ? "Access data" for your password and enter your e-mail address under "Password forgotten". You will then be requested to enter the answer to your test question for the password. If you give the correct answer, a new password will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Your details are handled confidentially. You can modify your data at any time or remove them from the system under the item "Delete account". Please find information on this under Section 2. Data protection conditions.
  • Please also read Section 3. Provisions of use.

2. Data protection conditions:

Data protection

  • Your personal data will be saved and processed according to the German data protection conditions, especially as per the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Data security

  • Your data will be treated in strict confidence and are encrypted during electronic communication.

Collection, processing and use of your data

  • Personal data are collected, processed and used only for the purpose of application handling.
  • For using the Application Management System contact data such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc. are collected. These data serve in principal for contacting with regard to your application.

Processing and updating of your data

  • You can change your profile in the Application Management System at any time as well as delete your data under the item "Delete account". Please observe that changes of your profile will influence all of your applications.

Passing on and processing of personal data.

  • Your released online application will be handled by the corresponding human resources department in the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group. The European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group consists of several legally independent companies with separate human resources departments in charge for incoming applications following job advertisements of the individual European Bank for Financial Services GmbH companies. This allows speedier and more efficient handling of online applications compared to written application folders. If you do not apply for a special job advertisement but enter your name into the talentpool, one of the human resources departments in the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group will contact you as soon as a vacancy matching your profile has to be filled. Meanwhile you remain stored with your profile in the talentpool, visible for all companies within the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group.
  • Subject to your approval, your application will then be checked by the corresponding specialist departments as well as shareholding companies and subsidiaries in the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group.
  • Reviewing your application documents may take some time.

Further information

  • If you have any further questions or want more information on the subject, call us at +49 (0) 89 800 65 99 0

3. Provisions of use

3.1 General user obligations

  • User undertakes to make lawful use of the Application Management System. He assures not to spread criminal contents in the framework of using the job market as well as not to violate other rights of third parties. It is especially prohibited to spread contents which are harmful to adolescents or pornographic, extremist and racist. What is also forbidden are virus attacks as well as improper use of applications for an intervention into the safety measures of a foreign network, host or account.
  • User shall ensure the receipt of the password, its confidentiality and proper use.
  • User gives his agreement that all messages regarding this user relationship are sent by e-mail, as far as no other form is statutory.

3.2 Responsibility

  • User is responsible for the complete contents of contributions to the Application Management System, e.g. texts, photos, graphics, files, links etc. . He undertakes not to violate trademarks, copyrights, personal rights or any other rights of third parties.
  • User undertakes to protect his access to the Application Management System against unauthorised use by third parties and to keep his password secret. User holds the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group harmless against all damage arising out of unauthorised use of the access to the Application Management System or any other detrimental activities by user or a third party, as far as these are attributable to user.
  • As per the Teleservices Act as well as the Interstate Media Services Agreement, the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group is responsible for foreign contributions only (1) if the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group has knowledge of unlawful actions or contents and if in case of claims for damages the facts or circumstances making the unlawful acts or contents obvious are known to the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group, or (2) if the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group did not immediately take action to remove these contents or to block access to them as soon as the European Bank for Financial Services GmbH Group received knowledge about them.

4. Datenschutzrechtliche Einwilligungserklärung

    Um das Bewerbungsverfahren fortzusetzen, müssen Sie Ihr Einverständnis mit den folgenden Bedingungen erklären:
    • Sie erklären sich mit der Übertragung Ihrer Daten an die bei der entsprechenden Stellenausschreibung zuständigen Mitarbeiter der Personal- und Fachabteilungen einverstanden.
    • Wenn Sie freiwillig besondere Arten personenbezogener Daten (einschließlich der in den mitgesendeten Anlagen genannten Daten) offenlegen, erklären Sie sich formal damit einverstanden, dass diese Daten genauso behandelt werden wie andere in diesem Dokument beschriebene personenbezogene Daten.
    • Sie erklären sich damit einverstanden, dass Ihre Daten gemäß der oben beschriebenen Aufbewahrungsfrist (bis zu sechs Monate nach Abschluss des Bewerbungsverfahrens) gespeichert werden.

    Durch verschieben des Regler-Buttons auf JA am Ende des Bewerbungsformulars erklären Sie sich mit den vorstehenden Bedingungen einverstanden. Ihre Einverständniserklärung wird gespeichert.

5. Dauer der Speicherung

    Die Daten werden gelöscht, sobald sie für die Erreichung des Zweckes ihrer Erhebung nicht mehr erforderlich sind. In der Regel speichern wir Ihre eingereichten Bewerbungsunterlagen bis zu sechs Monate nach Abschluss des Bewerbungsverfahrens.

Disclosure of data to third parties

We will not at any time sell or lease your personally identifiable data to third parties for, e.g., their marketing purposes. Any disclosure will occur exclusively for the purposes described in this data protection declaration. Hereby you expressly agree that we use the personally identifiable data as described below for the purposes listed in the following, as well as for detection, prevention or termination of fraud, illegal actions, or violations of guidelines or rules of use:

TELUM GmbH, Welfenstraße 22, 81541 München, Tel.: 089 / 800 65 99 - 0, E-Mail:

TELUM GmbH offers, through their product candooze, all rejected applicants the option to use the so-called digital applicant coaching, which is operated by TELUM GmbH. Therein the applicant is supported in preparing application documents and additional applications. The use of this service is always free for the applicant. The applicant is free to acquire further add-on offers, which possibly may incur charges.

Disclosed data: title, first name, last name, e-mail address
Of course, you may request at any time information about the stored data related to you.
And of course you may revoke your agreement on the use of personally identifiable data at any time. For instance, it suffices for this purpose to send an e-mail, a letter or a fax to TELUM GmbH.

You provide your agreement through a double opt-in process. This means that, after receiving the rejection of your application, you will receive an e-mail from TELUM GmbH from which you may confirm your agreement for the use of the candooze product. Only after successful confirmation you may participate in the applicant coaching.